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Henson Property Inspections In Katy TX

When you arrive in Katy and search, “Commercial building inspectors near me” you might come up with a commercial home inspections company that doesn’t know the first thing about inspecting commercial businesses. Instead of using your precious time to scan through countless websites, go with native Katy residents from Henson Property Inspection.

As a notable Houston TX property inspector brand, most people don’t know Henson Property Inspection was homegrown in Katy TX. Our hometown is still our pride and joy. We know Katy like the back of our hand and we work hard to ensure investors get the most accurate information for their property.

Dependable Unbiased Commercial Property Inspections

While we love our hometown, our inspection evaluations are always dependable and unbiased. We want potential businesses to start with all the necessary information that will prove most useful. It’s our job as commercial property inspectors to ensure the residents of Katy receive safe reliable offices, restaurants, retail buildings, and warehouses.

We inspect every property thoroughly and carefully. We value the time and effort on the part of our clients. We don’t waste time, but due to our professional experience, we don’t have to. Our inspectors are all highly trained and efficient, delivering your report within 24-48 hours.

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If you’re interested in investing in the great City of Katy and want to know about commercial property inspection in the area, don’t hesitate and call us today! We can walk you through everything you need to know about what kind of inspections we can do to aid in your investment decision.

When you find the perfect commercial property, our reliable team of inspectors will use their extensive knowledge of the construction and remodeling industry to inform you of any existing issues. You don’t have to wonder if you’re looking at a money pit, we’ll tell you. Our honesty and transparency set us apart from other commercial inspection companies. To find out more about commercial property inspection in Katy TX contact us today!

Beautiful Katy TX

When you visit the beautiful city of Katy Texas, you might notice the historic district in Old Towne or the MKT railroad that spans from Texas to Kansas. This quaint town just to the west of Houston is full of small-town charm and good old fashion Texas values.
While Katy appears small, as a city she is thriving. Over the last decade, the city of Katy has grown more than 50% and continues to grow as more businesses move in. The incredible growth of Katy is attributed in part to the financial boom of Houston and the construction of an Amazon warehouse which provided jobs for many citizens.
The next time you need a day off from the bustle of the big city, venture down to Katy and spend the day filled with southern charm, rich history, and the best BBQ you can eat. There are amazing opportunities just waiting to be discovered. You don’t want to miss out on the rapid growth and friendly faces of Katy.

Katy's history

Katy Texas was originally identified by the MKT train station. KT transitioned into Katy over the years and the name stuck. Katy later became known for rice farming and can still be seen celebrating their unique crop each year during the month of October. The festival is the epitome of small-town Texas charm with food, music, and exciting events.
While Katy is a successful town now, in 1900 the town was completely demolished during the Great Galveston Hurricane. All the original homes of Katy were destroyed except for two. This town has seen its share of hardship and rebuilt stronger than ever.

Commercial Building Opportunities in Katy TX

The City of Katy is now recognized as the prosperous city it is. Often overshadowed by Houston before, Katy has come into its own with many job opportunities and successful business ventures. Many investors choose Katy as their hub as it is not only home to growing businesses, there are established commercial properties all across the city.

From restaurants to office buildings, there is plenty of commercial investment opportunity cropping up all over Katy. With more and more businesses and people becoming part of the Katy community, there is no lack of employees or customers within the city. Investing in commercial property in Katy is a wonderful opportunity.